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What is the latest treatment for Erectile Dysfunction ?

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ED or Erectile Dysfunction is one of the most common problems which men face. According to a study it was found that more than ⅓ of males face this problem. While there are men who fear talking about this issue but are not right. When faced with this issue it is recommended to consult a doctor and follow the treatment. At times when a delay in consulting a doctor can cause a bigger problem that can only be treated with an operation or may have no treatment. We would recommend our readers to keep track of their health and whenever they encounter any such issue contact their doctor immediately  

Though there are many treatments for Erectile Dysfunction which we are going to share in this blog. After reading the treatments you will understand the depth of the problem and the treatments if identified on time. So without any further ado, let’s take a look at the treatments. 

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

There are various treatments that can cure Erectile Dysfunction. The treatment is selected based on the level of the problem. Below we have shared some treatments starting with the early stage to the later stage. 

  1. Oral Medication

Medicines that can be consumed orally are effective in treating erectile dysfunction for many men. However, it is effective mostly when the problem is detected in the early stages. The medication includes:

All these medications help in enhancing the effects of nitric oxide. It is a natural chemical that helps in relaxing the muscles in the penis. It increases blood flow and allows men to get an erection during sexual activity.

However, taking any one of the tablets will not help in an erection. Sexual stimulation is required to release nitric oxide from the penile nerves. These medications amplify that signal allowing normal penile function in males. 

2. Other Medications 

Apart from the above-mentioned medicines, there are many other medicines that can help in Erectile Dysfunction

  • Alprostadil self-injection- In this method, a fine needle is used to inject alprostadil inside the edge and base of your penis. Every injection is used to create an erection lasting no longer than an hour. Though the needle is very fine, the patient might feel minor pain in the injected area. 

The patient might get some side effects like prolonged erection, formation of fibrous tissues and mild bleeding. 

  • Testosterone replacement- There can be many reasons behind erectile dysfunction. If the hormone testosterone levels are lower, then also this problem can arise. Now, in this case, testosterone replacement therapy might be useful as the first step to treat ED. 

Surgery, Penis Pumps and implants 

In many cases, medications might not work so moving to advanced level treatments is important. Below we have shared some of the treatments that could help erectile dysfunction. 

  • Penis Pumps- A vacuum erection device is a hollow tube with a hand-powered or battery-powered pump also known as a penis pump. The tube is placed on the penis and then the pump is used to suck the air inside the tube. The vacuum is used to create a vacuum that pulls blood into the penis. Once the penis is erect the vacuum pump can be removed from the base using the ring on the base. 

The erection longs laster or has enough duration for sex. The side effects of this treatment might include bruises on the base of the penis. 

  • Penis Implants- This is an advanced surgery where devices are implanted on both the sides of the penis. The device can be either inflatable or malleable rods. These devices can be controlled as per the requirement. The malleable rods keep the penis bendable but firm during the erection. 

This is the last treatment that a patient with erectile dysfunction can try. Only if other treatments do not work, then try using the implants. Before having the surgery it is recommended to understand the side effects as surgeries can have side effects which can stay for life long. 


These were some of the treatments that can be used for treating erectile dysfunction. Apart from this, there are many exercises that could help too. However, it all depends on the level of the issue. If the issue is on the early level, then it could be treated with exercise or oral medications. That’s all for this blog, we hope that we have delivered the required information. If we have left anything do let us know in the comments section belowz. We will try to include them if we find it necessary. 

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