Shipping rates and ETA

You must be having a lot of questions on shipping and ETA now that you have made your first order on

So here we bring forth all the problems and commonly recurring things you may ask about the shipping rules and the ETA. Let’s begin…

What are the shipping rates on your website?

So one might be curious to know about the shipping charges and rates on our website. Of course, there are a lot of things that will depend on this.

First of all the most important factor on which the shipping charges would depend is the distance of shipping. Generally for all domestic orders, the shipping charges are a lot low. On the other hand, for customers far away making an international order would surely mean a higher shipping charge.

It also depends on the fuel costs and the mode of delivery such as whether the shipping is done by way of a land transfer, air transfer, or by a cargo ship.

Now, there are other smaller factors too that add up to your shipping charges such as sometimes for remote addresses we may have to drop your shipping to the nearest post office. From there on it is the task of the local courier agency to transfer your medicine package to your doorstep. These types of modes of delivery would add up yet another head of charge that includes a local courier charge.

Or else it might also include a customs charge or an import duty for an international order. Of course, such things will e was given specifically in the bill under individual heads of shipping charges.

How long does it take usually to deliver your orders?

Generally, we at pledge to you to deliver your medicines the faster we can right at your doorstep. For customers who are near our logistical bays residing within the same city or town, you may not have to wait any longer than 48 hours till you receive the package at your doorstep.

For customers ordering from a different state, it might take around 3 to 4 days. And for international orders, our general delivery time is a period of 7 to 10 working days excluding all holidays.

Generally, on the date of delivery, you are going to get an intimation from our end by way of a message sent to your registered phone number.

Remember that the time we state you is based on estimation. It may even take longer than this to deliver your package especially during critical emergency times such as an exigency, global pandemic or lockdown, or any natural calamity.

What if the medicine package is lost during transit?

If your medicine package is lost during transit which is rather a very rare scenario we will reship the order for you free of charge. You do not have to pay for this order and neither do you have to pay for the double shipping charges.

We will intimate you with such an incident if and when it occurs. For any inconvenience, we are duly regretful for the delay caused. Anyways, we will try our best to deliver the package again but still if you are unsatisfied with all this, then you have the option to cancel your order from us.

What are the terms and conditions for free shipping?

You may check out the free shipping terms and conditions on our website. Generally, it is an offer that is extended to our customers where we do not charge you for shipping the medicines to your address. Remember that the free shipping offer is only available on a few select categories or doses or brands of medicines. And in addition to this customers will have to abide by some other things as well such as paying via only a given mode of payment and ordering above a certain threshold amount.

If you meet all the above-mentioned terms and make your orders then you will automatically be eligible to get free shipping right at your doorstep.

Paying off customs duty

The customers must pay off any customs duty and negotiate with the customs officers for relieving the package. If not then it may even return to our logistical center.

Are the shipping charges refundable?

No shipping charges are non-refundable along with taxes, import duties, and customs duties.