At we make to provide you with a platform that is highly secured and safe enough for your shopping. Thus you can relieve all tensions before placing an order with us.

With us, our topmost priority is to make your online shopping experience hassle-free, non-redundant, faster, and simple at the same time.

And at we do have the means to provide you with all these by the following means-

How do we provide you with a safe platform for shopping?

Here we provide you with all the technological advancements on our website both at the front and the back end to make your shopping experience pleasing and much more tension-free.

Share only those information that is important and non-redundant

First of all, with us, we only ask you to share some pieces of information that are non-redundant and highly important. Such information includes your name, email id, address, and a valid mobile number to communicate via messages and OTP-based verifiable transactions whenever the need arises.

You see gathering such information is important for you to keep a track record on our back end data servers to keep all information which we can refer back to in the future if the need arises.

Safe and secure online website with highly secured firewalls in place preventing our data servers

We have highly advanced firewall protocols with encryption inbuilt technology that protects our data servers. This highly secured way of storing data eliminates all chances of any unauthorized data gathering from outside sources. You see gathering such data will require much authorization and approval from the end database user and also availing the key to a cryptic firewall that changes its passcode from time to time to keep your data safe. 

Faster and highly secured payment portal with a 256-bit SSL encryption technology

Making online payments may make you think that you are at risk of exposing your data to hackers.

But with us at there is not even a chance for this to occur. You see with us you will get a very fast and highly secured end-to-end connection of 256-bit SSL encryption layer that ensures end-to-end transaction over a private and secured network.

How do you pay us?

For making your shopping experience at more enjoyable we accept varieties of online payment modes. You can pay us via net banking, debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, online wallets, or via Paypal.

No acceptance of any order is done in exchange for a cash payment. To keep it safer these days we have canceled our cash-on-delivery mode of payment to make your payments contactless.

How do we look forward to making your shopping experience more enjoyable

Well, we do provide you with some means to make your shopping experiences more enjoyable. Here is how we do it for you at

No need to register previously before shopping

You do not have to register with us. thus you save critical time and thus you can make the order within minutes. With our integrated search engine, you can search for any medicine name or composition right away. The process of proceeding with order is also simple and you need to just keep following the instruction guidelines that will be given on every page.

If you feel confused despite this our online chat buddy is there to help you overcome your doubts and problems.

Get a Discount as a First Time User

We provide a special discount for first-time users. As a first-time user buying medicines from our portal might bring about more savings for you as we provide you with attractive discounts on making your first-time order. Remember that there is no minimum order value that you have to comply with. Any order amount is eligible for getting a discount on the purchase value. 

Accept Our cookie policies to save all your Pre-filled form data

If you are a regular buyer on our website and if you are frustrated with filling in the same personal and other information time and time again why not accept our cookie policies to permit us to accept your Pre-filled form data?