At we do provide you with a guarantee on some facets of purchasing medicines on our portal being our esteemed customer. But on some other facets, you may not enjoy any guarantee.

In case you wish to buy medicines from our portal do check out in what ways we provide you a guarantee and in what ways we don’t. we feel that such information can prove to be valuable to avoid any later disputes.

We provide you 100% guarantee on buying the authentic medicines

We are an authentic online portal providing you with a guarantee on buying authentic medicines that are manufactured by our partner pharmaceutical and drug research companies. We have valid contracts

And licenses to work as an online seller and provide our customers the guarantee of buying original and authentic pills that are reliable and trustworthy.

You can always feel safe to take these medicines for they are true to their dose and composition. At our logistical counters, we have a group of professionals to keep a check on our stock to ensure all medicines that will be eventually sold are within their expiry tenures while they are being maintained in the optimum conditions of temperature perfect for their storage.

We also do not sell any medicines unless you can produce a valid doctor’s prescription stating you are to use the pills.

Why confirming with your doctor is important before proceeding with buying any medicine?

We always feel that it is important for any patient suffering from any disorder to confirm with the doctors before buying a particular dose or brand of medicines.

Of course, you need to visit a doctor first to find out a suitable brand of medicines as we do not give you a guarantee of a complete cure nor do we give any guarantee regarding any side effects occurring post use of the pills.  

We do not provide any guarantee on a total cure

Make sure that your medicine is in line with the disorder you are suffering from for finding a cure. We ask you to confirm with the doctors and check out if you are suitable to adjust with the actions of a brand or dose in particular.

No guarantee of getting side effects

Patients may easily overdose on any drug. And this may happen only if you do not take prior consultation with the doctors. remember that although some of the medicines that you buy from our portal are approved by form FDA they are not devoid of any side effects.

Getting a guarantee of discount as a first-time buyer

We provide you a cent-percent guarantee on getting a discount as a first-time buyer of medicine on our portal. We do provide this as an exclusive privilege to both our member customers and non-member guest users.

And this first-time discount is given once per customer regardless of the total purchase value. You do not have any criteria to meet. You will get a valid discount on your purchase based on the total value of your purchase.

Getting a guarantee of an offer or a cashback discount

See to avail of an existing offer or a cashback discount patients must check out the offer details.

These are often provided for a fixed time and dates and are only available on buying above a certain value or when you purchase above a cut-off amount. Sometimes there are only some brands and specific doses that are available for a discount. You need to check out the offer details intricately as not reading them might mean that you will easily miss out on the discount.

Free delivery rules

We do offer special limited-time offers on free shipping of certain brands and doses. Again these are limited to within some specific brands or buying above a certain amount and are valid for a specific time.

Make sure to read out the offer details carefully before purchasing and proceeding with the order. Remember that your order confirmation page will indicate whether you have availed of the offer. So do check and confirm it before proceeding to place the order for one final time.

So as a conclusion we can inform you to always consult your doctor as the facts and information about medicine description that you read on our website is provided on the basis of collected information available from the internet.